Saturday, March 12, 2011

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New Release

Hey readers! First off thank you so much for the wonderful feedback I got on Cindy's and my Irish Princess kit last week. I've had more emails and messages about that kit than any of my other ones. It was a joy working with Cindy and I hope to collab again sometime in the future. One of the requests was a boyish add on to compliment the Princess kit so I created one this week. Irish Prince has 10 papers and quite a few elements. There are some duplicate elements from the girl kit and the alpha is the same green one but there's quite a few unique elements to the boy version.

Next up this week is another installment of my Alphabet Collection.
F is For

Whether you've got a little boy who loves fish and frogs or you have a little princess who loves all things flowers and fairies, this kit is just what you need for the "f"un things in your life

Blog Freebie

If you made it this far here is a girly add-on to my F is for Kit!! Enjoy :)

See ya next week with new kit! Spring is quicky approaching in my area and I'm ready to design something to show that! Have a great week :)



  1. I just found your wonderful freebies for the ABC kits. Thank You so much for sharing the sample kits and for them still being up. I was curious if there was one for E somewhere? I seem to not be able to find it, but maybe there isn't one for each letter.

  2. ty for liking the kits!! There's not an add-on for E mainly b/c I think the initial E kit is pretty gender neutral. I usually only do an add-on if the kit is gender specific that way the boy moms have something for a book if the kit is girly and vice versa.

  3. Cool to know... TYSVM for your generosity! Hugs & Blessings :)


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